School reopening news released by the government in January 2021

School reopening news

The biggest shift is that for the next two weeks, primary schools in the hotspot areas of Covid will remain closed to all but vulnerable pupils and children of key staff. On-site pupils who do not attend will receive remote education.

Curiously, while other surrounding boroughs do not appear, some London boroughs are included on the list, raising concerns about how families can behave if they have kids in schools in different council areas.

The announcement basically suggests a one week delay to what has been already announced for secondaries.

From next week, only disadvantaged and main worker children will receive face-to-face provision, with exam year groups back in from January 11 and everyone else in at the earliest on January 18.

Vocational tests are expected to go ahead in the first few weeks. This possibly indicates that such students would be permitted to attend school to sit their exams.

Williamson also told MPs that later in the year, GCSE and A-level exams will proceed as expected.

Constraints “will be lifted as soon as public health and scientific advice says it is appropriate to do so,” according to the contingency system guidelines released today.

“The guiding principle will be that any restrictions on on-site attendance are kept to a minimum for any decision-making,” the guidance continues.

Guidance from the government on the contingency framework notes that special schools can continue to encourage full-time pupils to participate. However, “individual special schools” would have “some flexibility” in the press release. No further information are available on what this versatility means.

Alternative provisions, including pupil referral units, AP academies and AP free schools, should continue to allow all children or pupils to participate full-time, under the contingency system.

The guideline notes that schools should “keep providing free school meals or food parcels” to qualifying students who are not in School reopening news whether they are self-isolating, have had signs or positive test outcomes or are in direct touch with a reported case.

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