Latest 2021 Schools Plan to Open

Latest 2021 Schools Plan


Pupils taking national exams (mainly in years 11 and 13) will be taught remotely from 4 January onwards. According to the DfE guidelines for head teachers, other year groups could be taught remotely, saying that schools “should provide some remote learning where possible.” Those taking examinations (mainly years 11 and 13) will return to in-person teaching from 11 January, whilst other year groups will be taught remotely. During this time, schools are to screen pupils for Covid infection at least twice, ensuring that all.

If applicable, students with BTec external tests or equivalent tests planned for the first two weeks will be able to attend in person. Secondary schools are likely to reschedule any mock examinations (for national examinations) to 11 January or later, such as GCSEs and A-levels.

Latest 2021 Schools Plan will stay open to encourage teachers to perform remote learning and to support secondary schools in training staff and pupils for mass virus monitoring. For children identified as vulnerable by the government and for those with a parent who is a main worker, there is a national exemption; they will be allowed to attend school in person independent of other pupils’ status.

Nurseries will be available, but the option of closure will still be for those connected to a primary school in one of the contingency areas.

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