About Us

Tuigen is a revolutionary tuition management software, aimed at up-and-coming tuition centres that want to maximise their revenue with minimal costs. By using our software, Tuigen can save you thousands as it is essentially an ‘all-in-one’ software that contains a multitude of features that you will not find anywhere else.

The software offers a Cloud based SaaS that incorporates the following combination of features into an all-in-one: a student information (SIS), a tuition management system. This offers you the best end-to-end cloud management solution which can be tailored to any educational institution who wish to run their establishment more efficiently and affordably.

Our core values are our commitment and dedication to customers, our passion and integrity to make education affordable for everyone, and our constant improvement and innovation to ensure that our software can continue to deliver throughout the duration of your business.

We strongly believe in our software and offer new customers a 30-days free trial and a free demo that demonstrates how well Tuigen performs and the positive impacts it can have on managing your tuition centre.

Our Core Values

Commitment to customers

With a 24/7 customer service team available, you can always reach us at any stage of your Tuigen journey and we will always get back to you with the best advice.

Passion and integrity:

Our founders have built this integrated software from 15 years of experience and understand all the necessary components to running a successful tuition centre.

Improvement and innovation:

Throughout your Tuigen journey, we will continue to improve and innovate our software and never compromise, ensuring that our software will remain the best in the market.

Integrated software built on 15 years of experience.

  • Best After Sales Service
  • Awesome Features
  • Lifetime Free Updates
  • Auto Backup
  • Data Security
  • Confidentiality
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