Terms & Condition

Terms Of Account

  • To complete the signup process, you must have your legal name, a valid email address, and any other required information.
  • Only one person may use your login credentials; a single collection of login credentials used by multiple users is not permitted.
  • For as many administrators, tutors, associates, customers and students as your price tier, you can build login credentials.
  • You are responsible for managing your account and password protection. TutorCruncher is not responsible for any loss or harm incurred by your inability to secure your login credentials.
  • The Service must not be used for any improper or illegal purpose. You shall not break any rules in your jurisdiction or the United Kingdom by using the Service (including but not limited to copyright laws).
  • You are responsible for all Material uploaded and operation that takes place under your account, including Content posted under your account by other persons who have been given access to the Site.

Refunds and Fees

  • You will be sent an email asking you to start paying for your membership if you sign up for a free trial on a paying account and you do not cancel or become a full member within 60 days. Your account will be closed until payment is obtained if you chose not to pay until your trial has elapsed. If you enter your payment details before the trial expires, the trial will conclude on that day.
  • The service will be paid on a monthly basis in arrears and is non-refundable. For partial service months, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for expired months with an open account, there will be no refunds or credits.
  • When paying for the service of tuigen, if you want to save your information, tuigen retains the right to take payment for invoices from that card.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, all payments are to be made in GBP.
  • tuigen retains the opportunity, upon 90 days notice from us, to adjust our monthly payments. Notices of rate adjustment can be posted to the Service or on the website of the tuigen.

Termination and Cancellation

  • You too are liable for the account being correctly terminated. By emailing info@tuigen.com , you can cancel your account.
  • tuigen can cancel or suspend your account automatically without warning for any of the following reasons:
    • Failure to pay or late payment of an invoice (payment postponed by 5 days or more) .
    • Criminal behaviour concerning the use or abuse of tuigen, or in some manner connected to it.
    • Every effort by your users to collect data from the tuigen system that you do not correctly have access to or harm tuigen to make it easier for others to access them.
    • Some disruption (intentionally or otherwise) to the service tuigen provided by your customers.
    • Any action by your customers that results in a substantial rise in the cost of selling the tuigen service to tuigen.
    • Some action by your customers that defames or hurts tuigen’s credibility
  • In the case of termination or long-term suspension, tuigen can provide free of charge for the export of your data using all the normal export functionality of tuigen, unless prohibited by statute. tuigen would make a fair attempt to include the data in a functional format that costs a reasonable hourly rate for the job if any additional data is needed.
  • If you terminate the Service before the expiration of the present month of payment, the cancellation shall take place automatically and, in the month of cancellation, you shall receive the final use of the invoice.
  • Such termination of the Service would result in your Account or your access to your Account being deactivated or removed, and all Content connected with your Account being forfeited and relinquished.
  • tuigen retains the right, for whatever cause, to deny service to any new client.
  • tuigen retains the right to change the service without advance warning at any time. All clients will be provided with the same service as specified by their pricing tier, unless otherwise accepted.


Proprietorship of copyright and material

  • tuigen retains the intellectual property rights to each and all of the Service’s protectable components, including, though not limited to, the name of the Service, the artwork and end-user interface elements found inside the Service, all of the individual features and the associated documents. Any part of the Service owned by tuigen can not be replicated, changed, adapted, reused, distributed, reverse engineered, recompiled or disassembled.
  • tuigen does not hold any intellectual property rights on the content that you upload or send to the Service. However, you accept that others can view and share your content by using the service to submit content.
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